Clinical Assistant / Sr. Clinical Assistant / Clinical Associate / Sr Clinical Associate

Clinical Assistant / Sr. Clinical Assistant / Clinical Associate / Sr Clinical Associate
Job No.
JMS 02
Medical Staff
Work Experience
0-5 years of experience
MBBS + MD/DNB (Emergency Medicine)
  • Professional approach to be adapted with all patients, staff and visitors. 
  • To provide medical cover, routine and emergency, during hours of duty and work in conjunction with the other specialties to serve the institute.
  • To be able to perform procedures like Central line, IV Channelization, Intubation etc.
  • To be able to operate instruments like Ventilator.
  • Following all Clinical safety, hygiene, infection control protocols (e.g. wearing gloves when required, aprons, maintaining hand hygiene, etc).
  • To be available to monitor patients as and when required or when requested.
  • Required to identify the complex health problems of the patients and report immediately to the concerned doctor.
  • Supervise daily clinical management of all patients under the guidance of Consultants.
  • Should be able to prescribe pain management medicines.
  • Effective communication with patients, family, colleagues and other health care workers.
  • Treatment sheets to be complete with diagnosis (capital letters).  
  • Each treatment sheet should be dated, named and signed by the writing doctor. Doctors should refer to the progress notes while writing treatment sheets.
  • To assist the Consultants for rounds apart from taking independent rounds themselves and should follow up the patients for any further care (change in plan of Treatment).
  • Required to accompany Consultants for rounds and taking notes as required
  • Preparing the discharge summary.
  • Being responsible for assessment of the new patients admitted.
  • Required to follow the on-call and duty rota based on the department’s requirement. 
  • To be part of the Quality Improvement Initiative and protocols of the organization.