Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Treatment in Indore

Centre for Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Centre for Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

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Centre for Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

The Centre for Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Indore has the best rehabilitation technology to help patients who are recovering from injury or surgery and any other condition that requires rehabilitation.

In line with the hospital's mission, we hope to offer a variety of physical medicine and rehabilitation services. Sports injuries, chronic pain, children with cerebral palsy, and stroke victims are all included in our range of remedial care services. The centre is assigned ten dedicated inpatient beds. One of the eminent features of the centre is its ability to handle geriatric diseases and help seniors regain their independence as soon as possible.

Some key medical technologies at the centre include:

Body-Weight Support Treadmill Gait Training System (BWSTT)

Treadmill training supported by bodyweight is a method for retraining in walking. A person using this system is supported by a harness that is suspended from a metal frame or ceiling. The harness provides support and reduces the weight on the feet while walking on the treadmill. Body-Weight Support Treadmill Gait Training System is used for people who have difficulty in walking after stroke or paralysis. Due to inactivity, the muscles lose their strength and are not able to endure standing without support. This system helps people practice walking without support from other individuals. At Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Indore, a team of best physical therapists help in performing bodyweight support treadmill training.

EMG Biofeedback

Electromyographic biofeedback is a technique that uses visual or auditory signals to monitor muscle activity. This is done by placing electrodes on the patient’s muscles, which send a feedback in response to muscle activation. EMG biofeedback is used to increase activity in weak or paretic muscles. EMG Biofeedback is highly effective in patients recovering from stroke where the normal regulation of muscles is disrupted. The feedback enables them to control muscular activity in order to recover motor function. It is more effective in muscle building and strength training as compared to traditional ways of doing it. EMG biofeedback is also helpful in rehabilitation after injury and surgery.