Autism Clinic

Autism is a rapidly growing neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by difficulties in communication and social interactions, intense interests, repetitive behaviours, and atypical responses to sensory stimuli. Early diagnosis and intervention are vital to keeping the symptoms under control. 

The core symptoms of autism can be treated by therapy, medications, or a combination of both. Those with autism may experience associated neurological symptoms like sleep problems and seizures. These need to be appropriately treated to ensure that they don't interfere with the modification of autistic behavioural patterns. 

As every child suffering from autism is unique, they benefit most from tailored and personalised treatment plans that are formulated after thoroughly assessing the patient and understanding their personal needs and preferences. The immediate goals of the therapy are to enhance communication and social skills. The ultimate goal is to help the child to function independently in society.

Treatment of Autism

The treatment options for autism include:

Communication and behavioural therapies: Many programs address the range of language, social, and behavioural dysfunctions associated with autism. Some programs focus on teaching new skills and reducing problematic behaviours, while others focus on improving the child's communication skills and teaching them how to act in social situations. Applied behaviour analysis uses a reward-based motivation system to help children learn new skills and their application to multiple situations.

Educational therapies: Children with autism commonly respond well to structured educational programs. These programs involve a variety of activities to enhance communication skills, social skills, and behaviour and are conducted by a team of specialists. Preschool children receiving intensive, tailored autism behavior therapies often exhibit good progress. 

Family therapies: Family members, including parents and siblings, can learn how to interact strategically with autistic children to enhance their social interaction skills, manage behavioural problems, and teach them skills useful for daily living. 

Other therapies: Depending on the needs of the child, occupational therapy for autism to teach activities of daily living, speech therapy to enhance communication skills, and physical therapy to improve balance and movement may be beneficial. After evaluating the child and assessing his needs, the psychologist will recommend ways to address his specific behavioural problems. 

Patients with autism usually continue to learn and compensate for their limitations throughout their lifespan, but most continue to require some support. Planning for your child's future, including college, employment, independence, living situation, and need for support services, can make this process much more manageable for them.

We at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Indore, boast a team of medical professionals, including clinical psychologists, pediatric speech and language therapists, and pediatric occupational therapists who offer comprehensive care and deliver personalised treatment plans to patients with an autistic spectrum disorder. Our team is devoted to assisting the child and their family members at every step, right from diagnosis of the disease to treatment. 

When to visit the Autism clinic?

While babies develop at their own pace and may not follow the exact timelines for achieving different milestones, children with autism spectrum disorders typically exhibit some signs of delayed development before the age of two years. 

If your child's development concerns you or you suspect that he might be suffering from the disorder, you must get an appointment with an expert, discuss your concerns with him, and allow him to guide you to the next step. Please note that some symptoms that may point towards autism spectrum disorder could also be linked with other developmental problems.

The symptoms of autism usually appear early in development when the delays in social interactions and language skills are obvious. Your child may be recommended some developmental tests to identify any delays in language, cognitive, and social skills. Following are some symptoms pointing towards autism spectrum disorder for which you should visit the autism clinic. 

  • No response with a happy expression or a smile by six months of age.
  • The child does not mimic facial expression by nine months or does not coo or babble by twelve months.
  • Does not gesture (wave or point) by fourteen months or does not play "make-believe" by eighteen months. 
  • Loses language or social skills at any age or does not say two-word phrases by twenty-four months.

Autism Package

We offer a comprehensive package to patients who are visiting our hospital for the first time. It comprises of special consultations, one session each with a speech and language therapist and pediatric occupational therapist, and some important investigations like Thyroid Profile and CPK (Creatine phosphokinase). 

Initiating early intervention is crucial for commencing the autism spectrum disorder treatment promptly.This is because early intervention is the best way to speed up your child's development and decrease the intensity of autism symptoms over time. The Autism Clinic at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Indore, houses a highly qualified medical squad that is dedicated to assisting the patients and their families at every step of the disorder.