Nocturia & Enuresis Clinic

Worried about frequent nighttime urination?

Nocturia and Enuresis are two different conditions related to nighttime urination. When people suffer from Nocturia, they need to wake and urinate at night. This is different from Enuresis in which people pass urine in bed involuntarily while in deep sleep.

Nocturia is the need to wake up frequently for urinating at night. Nocturia is a bothersome issue, primarily observed in senior-citizen demographic. It is also seen in people having Diabetes and Prostatism. Enuresis is seen mostly in toddlers and children and sometimes also in senior citizens. Both Nocturia and Enuresis affect overall quality of life. In Nocturia, a person has to put the effort of visiting toilet multiple times at night. This leads to insomnia and poor performance the next day. In Enuresis, a person gets embarrassed due to unintentional bedwetting. This hampers confidence and affects the overall personality of the person.

Causes of Nocturia: It could be a physiological condition resulting from excessive intake of water, tea, coffee and alcohol at night. The prevalence of nighttime urination increases with age beyond 60 years in both men and women related to hormone changes and interplay of factors between kidney function, sleep patterns and medications.

Causes of Enuresis: No one for sure knows what may be causing bedwetting in children and adults. But some of the probable causes could be a small bladder, inability to recognize a full bladder, a hormone imbalance, stress, urinary tract infection, sleep apnoea, diabetes, chronic constipation, a structural problem in the urinary tract or nervous system

These condition needs to be treated in time to avoid trouble in future. And the good news is that they are completely treatable.