Cancer Support Group

    The Cancer support group at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Indore provides a setting in which cancer patients can talk about living with cancer with others who may be having similar diagnosis. Although each person's experience after receiving a cancer diagnosis is quite unique, they all need a strong support network. People with cancer encounter a variety of fears, emotions, and concerns that are particular to their circumstance in addition to dealing with the physical and medical difficulties. The support of the medical specialists, counsellors, and cancer support groups help patients feel less isolated and distressed, and improve the quality of their lives. Furthermore, cancer support groups can provide access to the most current information regarding cancer treatments.

    A senior oncologist usually conducts our cancer support group meetings, which are attended by patients and their families. Every patient and/or a member of their family is given the chance to speak in front of the group about their own experiences with cancer. They discuss their complications and highlight the most challenging problems about their treatment and recovery journey. Here, survivors also share how they conquered cancer. This is a very uplifting support group aimed at encouraging each other to get the best possible cancer care and overcoming difficult phases.

    At the end of the session some feedback forms are also collected which shows the appreciation by cancer patients and their families. After listening to patients who have received the treatment and have survived the sickness, others also gain inspiration and hope. In order to facilitate future conversations, some also exchange contact details. These informative sessions help clear many misconceptions about cancer. All this boosts the confidence and wellbeing of cancer patients.